Dr. Phillips Center

BASE Consultants was responsible for the design of the Front of House for the Center, which includes the large cantilevered canopy, banquet hall, architecturally exposed front of house steel, and grand rotunda stair. The iconic front canopy cantilevers 85 ft. past the building and tapers to a flat edge at the end. The canopy trusses are comprised of large pipe chords 15 ft. apart with intermediate tube framing and an exposed deep metal deck. The canopy trusses are supported by a 15 ft. deep by 20 ft. wide lobby truss that runs along the entire length of the building. The banquet hall trusses span 90 ft. across Magnolia Avenue. The hall is 60 ft. wide and is designed for vibration concerns. A majority of the front of house steel is exposed which put an emphasis on detailing.